Nieuport 28 53" N165

Skill Level: Advanced

More than 480 parts

Nieuport 28 53"

Scale: 1/6
Prop: 12x8 or 14x8
Channels: R/E/A/T
Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires
Wingspan: 53"
Airfoil Type: flat bottomed
Wing Area: 712 sq in
Cowl: Balsa and ply with jig for ease in assembly
Designer: M.K. Bengtson
Weight: ~75 oz
Spinner: N/A

Prototype Builder: Gary Ritchie

Power System: Dummy motor as AXI 2826 Brushless Out Runner Motor Mount
Nieuport 28 By Gary Ritchie
Nieuport 28 By Gary Ritchie
Nieuport 28 By Gary Ritchie
Nieuport 28 By Gary Ritchie


Instruction Manual

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        • Tail surfaces are built with balsa and sheeted with 1/32" balsa in scale fashion
        • Removable wings
        • Carbon rod spars in scale locations
        • Scale number of ribs
        • Flat bottomed airfoil 1/32" ply scalloped leading edges, ply scale rlib cap strips, ply trailing edge.
        • Laminated ply IP struts
        • Fuselage was designed along scale internal construction including a cabane strut that connects to the lower wing attachment at spars.
        • Belly of the fuselage between wings is removable for electronics and power system access.