Supermarine Sparrow I 36" N017

Skill Level: Beginner

More than 120 parts

Supermarine Sparrow I 36"

Scale: ~1/10
Prop: 9x7
Channels: R/E/T
Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires
Wingspan: 36"
Airfoil Type: flat bottomed
Wing Area: 300 sq in
Cowl: N/A
Designer: M.K. Bengtson
Weight: 10 oz
Spinner: N/A  
Prototype Builder: Mike Stanley
Power System: designed for Speed 300 Horst 4:1 gearbox
Supermarine Sparrow I 36"
Supermarine Sparrow I 36"
Supermarine Sparrow I 36"
Supermarine Sparrow I 36"


Instruction Manual

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  • Excellent trainer model
  • One piece construction
  • Fuselage built from formers and side balsa with lightening holes for easy construction


The new Supermarine Sparrow I was entered into the 1924 Daily Mail Two-Seater Light Aeroplane Competition held in Lympne, Kent UK. The sparrow was flown by Henri Baird on September 11. It's color scheme included a dark blue fuselage bearing the number 9 on an aluminum doped background. The wings, struts,tail surfaces and engine cowling were also an aluminum doped color. The aircraft sported full-span ailerons on both wings. They could be drooped to modify the camber of the wings in a flaps like fashion. The Sparrow was plagued by chronic engine failures and did not win the competition. In fact, it required a second engine to finish the race and even that one seized up on the approach to the finish line. Still, the airframe is a classic and refitted as an electric flying model, she is a delight to fly.